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RV sales get a serious boost from the Baby Boomers

RV sales in NH from Outdoor Sports CenterRV travel and overall RV sales have found a renewed energy and resurgence as the Baby Boom generation has discovered the freedom of the road. There are nearly 80 million Baby Boomers (those born between 1946-1964) and many of them have or will soon be entering their retirement years. The Baby Boomers are an active generation and are taking that adventurous streak with them into retirement. RV sales have exploded over the past several years and this generation is a major reason as to why.

  1. As of today, Baby Boomers account for over 80% of all travel spending done for recreation and leisure combine for an accumulated wealth of nearly $8 trillion. According to recent statistics, there are slightly over eight million RV owners. That is nearly one out of every eleven households in the country.
  2. In the last decade alone, fueled by the Baby Boomer’s adventurous spirit, RV sales have leaped 15%. Recent stats also suggest that within the next several years a full one out of every six American households will buy an RV and hit the road.
  3. In addition, the RV rental part of the industry has surged nearly 35% over the past several years. This puts the RV enthusiasts in a prime position to greatly affect the tourism industry in the near future and well beyond.
  4. The Baby Boomers have taken to RV sales and to the lifestyle for all that it has to offer. An RV is a great way to travel, is comfortable, and offers the freedom to explore in a way that really no other mode of travel can offer. Rather than the stress and aggravation of booking hotel reservations and plane tickets, the Baby Boomers are simply firing up their beloved RV’s and letting the road take them where it may.