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Planning for that perfect RV getaway

road to horizonEnjoying your new RV and all of the potential adventure and excitement it can bring takes some serious planning. Having a firm handle on what you need to do in order to enjoy your RV experience can make the adventure something you will remember forever.

  1. One thing that most new RV owners neglect to do is to actually learn how to drive it. It is not a compact car and can’t be treated like one. No special license is required but special techniques and concentration is. You should take a considerable amount of time getting the feel for it and take as many long drives as you can before you head out on that adventure. Take it into all kinds of traffic in all kinds of conditions until you are fully confident that you can easily handle it.
  2. What is your liability coverage and do you have an emergency road service plan? Make sure you have the proper insurance for your new RV and get proper road coverage. Know how far you will be towed and what repairs will be covered by your insurance. You can’t leave anything to chance out on the road.
  3. Plan your travel route to your destinations and then get online and check everything from weather and traffic conditions to road repairs and detours. There is nothing like running into some unexpected construction. The Federal Highway Administration has a nice website that covers current conditions in all 50 states.
  4. Make sure your weight is properly distributed and that you have practiced driving with such a load. Also, don’t forget to call far ahead and make proper reservations. Finally, account for the limited electric power you will have. Either plan carefully or add some additional power by taking advantage of power sources at your destination.