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Is your RV ready for spring adventure?

RV sales in NH from Outdoor Sports CenterIs your RV ready for your planned spring adventures? After a long and hard New England winter, it is time to get that RV into camping and traveling shape.

  1. While not entirely necessary, it is wise to change your batteries. Starting each season with new batteries will give you the peace of mind to know that they will not fail you. However, if this is not possible, you will need to inspect your batteries for winter storage damage and to charge them. Check for cracks and always attach the positive lead first.
  2. The next most important item on your spring check up list is your propane tank system. This you may want to have professionally done. Fittings may have become damaged or loose during the winter months Get a manometer test done and check to ensure that your regulator is running at eleven inches water column of pressure.
  3. If you winterized your water system for the winter, you will need to drain and flush out the coolant or antifreeze that was placed there for winter storage. You can, then, fill up the water tank and activate your pump. Run the water through your lines to completely flush them out. Check for leaks by pressurizing the whole system with your pump. Shut the pump off for a half hour or so and then turn it on again. If the pump starts to run, it is likely you have a leak.
  4. Tires are next. Make sure the tires are inflated to recommended manual tire pressure. Check for damage and wear. Your tires are critical to getting good gas mileage as well as being vital in the overall handling of the vehicle.
  5. Inspect all of the seals from your windows to your roof. Check for dents, cracks and other signs of damage or wear. Scrape off the old sealant and reseal everything. For the RV enthusiast, nothing is better than the anticipation of getting on the road again. By insuring that everything is well maintained and in proper working order, you are making certain that you and your loved ones will have an exciting, and safe, travel season.