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How to get the most from a family trip

Camper in NH from Outdoor Sports CenterThere can be few better opportunities to bond with your family than preparing the camper and taking a camping trip. Camping can be a great experience that will bring the family closer together and allow the children an opportunity to do things they rarely get a chance to do. In today’s hurried, multi tasking, and electronic device addicted world, preparing the camper and mapping out a family trip just may be the adventure everyone needs.

  1. Perhaps the most important part of any family camping trip will be the choice of where you want to go. Huddle around and have a family meeting about it. Surf many places and many campgrounds until everyone can pretty much agree on the perfect one. Decide what you plan to do while on the trip. Are you exploring the local color? Taking walks and hikes? In addition, nothing can be more important than ensuring that you have a reservation. Check in with the campground a few days before you are scheduled to leave so that you know your reservation is still intact.
  2. Preparation will be critical to the enjoyment and getting everyone involved with the preparation of the camper or RV will start the bonding process. It will also allow the children to see what is involved and will give them a sense of accomplishment in knowing they were an integral part or everything. Make your list and gather your supplies.
  3. Important yet often overlooked supplies are foul weather gear and tarps. Staying dry and comfortable is the key to a successful trip. Being cooped up in your tent, camper or RV with everyone until the weather passes can cause undue stress and boredom for you and the kids. Use the tarps as shelters so that, despite the rain, you can still be outside.
  4. Be sure and leave plenty of room for food. Being out and about, especially camping in the fresh air will leave you, and the children, almost constantly hungry. Bring what everyone loves and make sure there are plenty of snacks. Energy bars and water will keep everyone properly hydrated and energized.
  5. Make sure everyone has certain tasks. Explain to the children how important it is for them to pitch in so that the trip will be fun and successful. The family working together toward a common goal will enrich the camping experience and cause a more intense bonding that will spillover into your life long after you get home.
  6. Finally, don’t be rigid in your plans or your expectations. Going with the flow is the most enjoyable way to approach the family camping trip. It allows for spontaneous enjoyment. You just never know what you will discover if you play it loose and welcome everything that comes up.