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How to destroy mold and keep rodents at bay

Camper in NH from Outdoor Sports CenterTwo of the great camping challenges will be keeping mice and other rodents away from your equipment and site and how to tackle and eliminate mold. Mold, especially, is a typical problem for all RV and camper owners.

  1. The challenge with mold is that you expose yourself to constant moisture while out enjoying your camper and RV. After you have returned and packed everything away, the moisture can still remain inside your camper and, over time, can develop into mold.
  2. Aside from the grave health concerns, mold will cause long lasting damage to your beloved trailer or RV. First thing to do is to give it a good scrubbing. Park in the direct afternoon sunshine and fully open the camper. Try and avoid bleach as it could damage the canvas. An equal formula of water and vinegar, as well as a hard bristled brush, should do the trick. Remember that the sunlight will, also, kill mold spores and will prevent it from spreading.
  3. Moving to the inside, you can use a formula of watered down bleach especially for countertops and floors. If you have seat cushions that don’t have covers, a mix of mild detergent, Borax and water should scrub away any mold you have there. The removable covers you can just toss in the laundry with a little bit of the Borax.
  4. With regard to small rodents, especially mice, one tactic that always works is to bring your cat along for the trip. Try and avoid setting up you camper where mice and other rodents live. Go for the hard topped parking lot and store as much as you can inside the camper.
  5. Seal up all possible holes or gaps in your camper as mice can get through the slimmest of openings. Also, moth balls used outside on the ground around your camper will prevent their approach. You may find, however, that the only real and effective defense you will have against the rodents is the old spring loaded traps.