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Campground cooking can be quite the adventure

Camper in NH from Outdoor Sports CenterIf there is one thing everyone loves and waits for on a camping trip, it is mealtime. Cooking outdoors at the campground can be fun as well as adventurous. There is rarely time for gourmet fare but with a little imagination and creativity, camping trip meal times can be something everyone can really look forward to.

  1. Having much of your food preparation already done beforehand saves a huge amount of time, effort and mess. Simple grilling recipes and one pot meals are the most efficient way to get everyone fed. Prepare what you can before leaving home and storing them in plastic containers and coolers. You can separate your meals into individual days and packets as well as precook much of your meals.
  2. You can save space by taking all sizes of plastic jugs and filling them with water and freezing them. It will save you from buying ice and when the water melts, you have fresh water at your immediate disposal.
  3. Have a separate section in the camper or at your site for a food pantry. Store everything related to your meals their including your utensils, dishes and pots. It makes things more organized and when you are ready to prepare a meal you don’t have to go searching for everything. Store everything in large plastic containers or bins for easier organization and to discourage the animals.
  4. In addition to your separate pantry area, actually set up a kitchen space at your site. Store everything there including your grille or table top stove and well as everything associated with it. Your equipment is everything. Without the right utensils, cooking on a camping trip can be a real hassle and nightmare.
  5. Finally, just keep things as simple and as easy as you can. Remember, the joy of camping is to enjoy your time off with loved ones in the great outdoors; not spending huge amounts of time getting organized and cleaning up messes.