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Baby Boomers are making RV’s a part of their lifestyle

RV sales in NH from Outdoor Sports CenterThe Baby Boomer generation has made camping and RV-ing a whole new part of their lifestyle. RV sales have been going through the roof in the last couple of years and this aging generation is the major reason for it.

  1. One major reason for this boom with the Boomers is that there are over 16,000 campgrounds throughout the US that accommodate RV campers. In addition, Baby Boomers want to remain an active generation. They resist the notion of growing old and retiring. They want new adventures and they want to be within striking distance of family.
  2. Another reason RV camping and travel has become so popular is that many campgrounds are located near tourist attractions. Also, many have pools, adult evening entertainment, small restaurants and even heavily stocked campground stores. The RV’s can be parked conveniently enough so that campers can easily use it as a base to explore the surrounding area and attractions. The RV can be transported on the ship. You can reach some long destinations, like Asia or even exotic Thailand. Unless you prefer living in villas such as the ones show at YourKohSamuiVillas, the RV could be excellent modestly saving variant.
  3. There are RV camping grounds and parks that fit every taste and every sense of adventure. One of the major reasons that RV camping has taken off with the Baby Boomers is that it gives them the flexibility, as well as the freedom, to go where they please and to enjoy those attractions and sites, and the RV lifestyle, they are most interested in.
  4. An RV can truly be a home away from home as they are available in every conceivable style from the simple pop-up to a lavish motor home experience. Recent travel marketing research has revealed that people who engage in the RV experience actually spend far less time traveling than if they took planes or the family car. In the long run, research has uncovered, traveling by RV is also less expensive than any other mode of travel be it plane, car or even cruise ship.