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A great night’s sleep when camping? Here’s how…

Beautiful sunsetIt is often difficult, even for the most experienced of campers, to get a solid and restful night’s sleep while camping. Even to feel fully relaxed can be a challenge. There are some tips you can keep in mind, however, when searching for that elusive night’s sleep.

  1. Ear plugs may help but it may be better to choose a campground that is not so noisy at night. While many believe falling asleep to the gentle sounds of nature is great, there are those novice campers who are shocked to discover that the wild woods can get rather noisy at night.
  2. In your pop up or RV, parking on a level spot will help immensely. If you are using a tent, find level ground that is somewhat padded and avoid rocky areas whenever you can.
  3. Proper ground cover or a solid air mattress will be a huge help toward getting a great night’s sleep. Some extra memory foam padding or egg crate padding should, also, add to your comfort.
  4. If there is one annoyance that everyone can live without, it is the insects, especially the mosquitos. Make sure you are properly prepared with enough repellent and netting to keep you cozy and buzzing free. Also, try and have something soothing, like tea, before you go to bed. Nothing heavy and certainly save the s’mores for the daytime.
  5. Sleeping bags are rated for environmental conditions and temperatures. Make sure your bags will properly protect and insulate you. A winter bag will suffocate you in July while a thinner summer bag will be useless to you on a winter camping trip.
  6. Finally, know where the bathrooms are at the campground and don’t forget the flashlights and spare batteries. It is surprising how these two things can help you feel more relaxed. As with any camping outing, the more you know and the more you are prepared, the greater enjoyment you will experience.